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Arthur Satyan


" Arthur Satyan - one of the most important and influential jazz musicians in the region. Coming in 1996 to open the biggest in the area 'Casino du Liban' with 'Three Wheel Drive' band, he sets the beginning of serious jazz scene in Lebanon.

Multi-Award Winning pianist and composer, Dean of Jazz Department and Professor of Classical Piano at the Lebanese National Conservatory of Music since 1998, he taught, influenced and inspired almost every jazz musician in the region.

Performed and worked with many international stars and jazz giants like Larry Coryell, Charles Davis, Ray Vega, Ed Cherry, Joe Lee Wilson, Deborah Davis ... just to name few.

The quality of Arthur's arrangements, compositions and piano-playing has raised eyebrows among visiting stars Ahmad Jamal, Zakir Hussain, Steve Potts, Arturo Sandoval, Stefano di Battista, etc...

He is first to seriously introduce the authentic jazz language, spread the word and keep alive the teachings of great beboppers Charlie Parker, Bud Powell, Monk, Barry Harris in the region, where oriental music and so called 'oriental jazz' are still dominating.

'Arthur Satyan Trio' was starting base/school for many young musicians. 

He is the pianist that Jazz stars like Larry Coryell, John Hicks, Charles Davis and Sonny Fortune came to Beirut eager to hear and play with. Recently listening to him were smiling, approving and applauding Ahmad Jamal and Zakir Hussain."             



                                            by Jack Gregg

Arthur Satyan Website

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