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History... Bands...

This is how it started...and continues till today
Arthur Satyan Quartet w/ Simon Dolmazyan, Karen Mkrtchyan, Sash Aghamyan

Arthur Satyan Quartet (1988-1995)

My first band. Karen Mkrtchyan on saxophone, Manvel Khachatryan on bass or Simon Dolmazyan on bass (in this picture), or Vardan Arakelyan on bass and Alexandr Agamyan on drums.​

Chico and Friends w/ Arthur Satyan, Yuri Bobrinsky, Tigran Peshtmajyan, Simon Dolmazyan, Armen 'Chico' Tutunjyan

Armen 'Chico' Tutunjyan & Friends Band (1994-1996)

I was arranging for this band and was lucky to play with these experienced musicians.

Armen Tutunjyan on drums, Yura Bobrinsky on bariton saxophone (later Armen Hyusnunts), Tigran Peshtmajyan on vibes, Simon Dolmazyan on bass.

Arthur Satyan Armenian Trio w/ Nikoghayos Vardanyan, Sash Aghamyan

The TRIO (1990-1996)

When I and my drummer Alexandr Agamyan got invited to play with contrabassist Nikoghayos Vardanyan we had the same reaction as Herbie Hancock and Tony Williams when Miles Davis invited them to join his band. Playing with this bassist was a dream.​​

Three Wheel Drive (1996-2004)

This band was a power machine. We taught Lebanese crowd and young musicians how authentic jazz sounds like. Every single musician in his 20's or 30's was watching, listening and learning from this band.

I remember all those young cats being there daily. Same goes for Perfect Match Band !

Jack Gregg on double bass and Steve Phillips on drums. R.I.P. Steve! ​

The Blue Note Cafe Band or Perfect Match (1998-2004)

I was the music director of this band and was writing arrangements. This was the first fusion/funk band in Lebanon having the real jazz language. There wasn't just a jam over a bossa tune, there were serious arrangements and improvisations.

Hratch Kassis & Thomas Hornig on saxophones, Abboud Saadi on bass and Fouad Afra on drums. This band also appeared as "Gros Bras" with percussion player Ibrahim Jaber.

A.S.T. - Arthur Satyan Trio (2000-2010)

My first electronic fusion band and not only. This rhythm section played with just everyone. Even nowadays we do play together. Abboud Saadi on bass and Fouad Afra on drums.

Arthur Satyan New Trio with Rony Afif and Elie Afif

Arthur Satyan New Trio (2002-2005)

This was the first experience for these young men, brothers Elie Afif on bass and Rony Afif on drums to play jazz. They entered to Lebanese jazz scene having very little idea on how jazz sounds like. 3 intensive years of rehearsals, gigs, lessons and instructions with me made for these guys an entrance to the world of jazz. They finished this school well and promising. Nowadays both Rony and Elie based in Dubai and playing in their own group 'Afif Brothers' and different projects.

Arthur Satyan Quartet (2005-2009)

Another great band of mine. Latin jazz and fusion was the music we played with Abboud Saadi on bass and Fouad Afra on drums. Great addition to this band was very talented Khaled Yassine on percussion.

Charbel Rouhana Quintet (2000-2007)

This band started the fusion between oriental music and jazz, where improvisation and jazz sound was more dominating than oriental music. This was a new sounding band back then, coz most of that kind of bands sounded oriental. Charbel Rouhana on oud, Thomas Hornig on saxophone and flute, Abboud Saadi on bass and Fouad Afra on drums.

Arthur Satyan Acoustic Ensemble

(2010 till present)

This is something I do now. I've started this band since 2010 with my friend and great drummer Fouad Afra and very young bassist, my former student, Makram Aboul Hosn mainly playing my music and some of my arrangements of standards. Since then I'm gigging with this music all aroung the globe having killer lineup of musicians: Khachatur Savzyan or Andre Segone on double bass and fantastic drummers such as Paolo Orlandi, Arnaud Oeggerli or Fouad Afra. 

Arthur Satyan Organik Quartet 

(2011 till present)

This band is also current. Playing mostly my music. The focus of this band is very much on a great group sound: watertight arrangements, tasty grooves and punchy solos. The vibe is firmly rooted in the funkier regions of the Blue Note catalogue, but expect a heady mix of anything from the classic '50s hard bop sound to '70s jazz fusion, via my own quirky originals. I'm playing Jazz Organ, Raffi Mandalian on guitar, Thomas Hornig or Armen Hyusnunts on saxophones, Fouad Afra or Paolo Orlandi on drums.

ARTology band.jpg

Arthur Satyan ARTology Band

(2013 till present)

I love playing with these cats. Andre Segone on bass and Fouad Afra on drums. This is where we experiment with electronic sounds and colors, different rhythms and beats. Music goes all around the globe starting Africa or Armenia to Stevie Wonder or just anywhere. 

Arthur Satyan Website

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